Qualitative User Test

Our experienced UX researchers explore why users behave as they do. Learn more about your target audience’s expectations, motivations and potential pain-points. A quasi-scientific test with real users is a fast method to reveal evidence-based strengths and weaknesses of your product or prototype.


In order to run user tests we first need to understand your (business) goals and target audience. Then we together define the scope (pages, user flows, navigation structure, core features etc.) to be tested and recruit 4–6 test persons to represent the target audience.


One of our psychologists writes a detailed user test script, taking into account also questions you have. Based on realistic test scenarios we conduct in-person user tests: After a friendly welcome and a few context questions, we introduce the test person to the product/prototype and let them perform the predefined tasks, followed by a short debriefing interview. You are welcome to join the user tests on site or via private live stream from your desk.


The expert will present the findings and recommendations in an in-person debriefing meeting. For your convenience and future reference the results and recommendations will be provided in a well structured report together with raw video footage from the user tests.

Your Benefits

  • Valuable qualitative insights to work with, identification of pain-points
  • Learn why users behave as they do, what they expect and what motivates them
  • Benefit from our extensive experience in user research


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