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Every project requires its own setup and special treatment. While we love to design and develop a product from start to finish, we can also help you address a very specific need. We can together ideate for your next big thing, test your existing product with real users or give you an expert view on your problem.

Expert Review

Our experienced UX researchers explore why users behave the way they do. Learn more about your target audience’s expectations, motivations and potential pain-points. A quasi-scientific test with real users is a fast method to reveal evidence-based strengths and weaknesses of your product or prototype.

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Qualitative User Test

Ginetta's UX researchers have psychology backgrounds and can conduct a qualitative usability test for your product or prototype. The goal of each usability test is to gain valuable knowledge about your users' expectations, motivations and behavior. The findings can benefit your business to better serve the needs of your users and in turn, generate better business!

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A small team comprised of a product specialist, a designer and a developer can work with you in a short amount of time to generate great results. A hackathon can be a great way to take your product idea to the users super fast and use those learnings to reiterate on the design, or to start over.

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