Together we build a small team of experienced experts from Ginetta and your side to escape the daily business. The isolated setup in a remote location without interruptions allows super efficient collaboration with room for creativity. Focusing the positive energy on a theme or problem, the shared goal is to build a new product or feature in an accelerated design sprint-like way.


Initially we need to understand your (business) goals and challenges. Together we then set the theme or problem to focus on, define the scope and duration (2-5 days). We propose a few of our selective locations. The hackathon team represents a mix of subject-matter-experts from your side and our experienced developers, designers and researchers.


In a design sprint-like way we will squeeze a light-weight design driven development cycle into these few days. Every phase (strategy, concept, design, development) will combine mini workshops and short individual work sessions followed by mutual updates. The fast-paced collaboration and absence of (daily business) distractions nurture the team spirit and unlock tons of positive energy. The resulting trance-like productivity flow is a lifetime experience.

Result & Next Steps

You will be surprised what’s possible within a few days of undiluted dedication and focus. Be it a concept, (working) prototype, MVP or product ready to launch – when you’re back in everyday life the ongoing momentum will help you to achieve your goals: Test is with real users, raise project funding or launch the created product.

Your Benefits

  • Fast way to solve problems in a super productive way
  • Lifeteime experience and ongoing momentum, team bonding
  • Benefit from our extensive hackathon experience and methods


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Annabelle Weber

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