Expert Review

Our UX experts evaluate your product with universally recognised usability criteria, best practices and our extensive experience gathered from hundreds of projects and user tests. With a fresh set of eyes we look at your product, analyze the compliance with your business goals and deliver an unbiased and actionable report.


In order to give feedback we first need to understand your (business) goals. We then together determine the product/prototype stage and define the scope in focus: Pages, layout, navigation, functionalities, scenarios etc.


Depending on the agreed focus either the senior UX researcher or design lead with the most relevant experience will systematically and thoroughly evaluate your product based on selected methods. The expert identifies potential flaws and highlights room for improvement.


The expert documents all findings and actionable recommendations in a well structured report, illustrated with examples and screenshots where appropriate.

Your Benefits

  • Efficient and effective method for finding usability problems
  • Detailed review from unbiased, fresh perspective
  • Benefit from our extensive and versatile expertise


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